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stud dogs

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C.I.B, C.I.E, Ch. A Targo Piaf DAMA Krkonose
Czech Republic
CLP/BA/132, 12-05-2013, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A

United States
BA-000162, 07-11-2013, black & white, Sterilization:no

ICh. Gauguin du Bruil Saint Amand
Michelangelo Dilena
16-03-2011, black & white, HD:A

lives in Italy
Ch.TR. Green du Ruisseau de Montbrun
06-06-2013, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:4/6 Recommandé TRIALER
lives in France
Guips du Bodeillo
25-07-2011, black & white, HD:A

Ch. Hermès du Chevalier Bleu
27-07-2012, black & white, HD:A/B

Hope de la Vallée de l'Ouanne
LOF7 BR:AU. 24360/3756, 23-05-2012, black & white, HD:B, CotPts:2/6

Hugo de la Vallée de l'Ouanne
23-05-2012, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:2/6

Ch. Hunik du Ruisseau de Montbrun
11-05-2012, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:6/6 Elite A

Hussard du Ruisseau de Montbrun
13-03-2013, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:2/6

Isard du Ruisseau de Montbrun
LOF7 BR.AU. 24654/3800, 25-06-2013, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:2/6

Jason de la Pente d'Eau
LOF7 BR.AU. 24985/3860, 09-03-2014, black & white, HD:A, CotPts:2/6

Ch. Khyannes Flocon de Neige
03-08-2010, black & white, HD:A/A, Ectropion:unaffected, CotPts:2/6

Khyannes Immigrant de France
01-02-2013, black & white

Ch. Khyannes Indrois
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
27-12-2013, Charbonné, HD:B

Ch. Khyannes Instinct de Chasse
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
01-02-2013, Charbonné, HD:A, HDinfo:BVA 3:2

ICh. Khyannes Iton
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
27-12-2013, black & white, HD:B/A

Pl.Ch. Khyannes Je t'Aime Mon Amour
22-06-2014, Charbonné, HD:A/A

Ch. Khyannes Nocher
05-05-2015, Charbonné, HD:A/A, ED:0/0

Ch., JWW Khyannes Quartz
Antipathis, Poland
01-05-2017, black & white, HD:A/A, ED:0/0

Khyannes Triton at Canemamans
CanemAmans, United Kingdom
25-03-2018, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A/A, HDinfo:BVA 0/0, Ectropion:unaffected

Ch. Légende
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
31-05-2015, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A/A, ED:0/0, EyeTest:unaffected, Ectropion:unaffected, Spondylosis:no

Légende de la Ruse des Bois
Élevage de la Ruse des Bois, Canada, Quebec
20-07-2015, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A , HDinfo:OFA GOOD, ED:0/0 OFA NORMAL, EyeTest:unaffected, Ectropion:unaffected, Spondylosis:no, Transitional_vertebrae:unaffected

Marco Polo
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
20-11-2016, Charbonné, HD:A

Mistral All Irish Gold
Przemysław Drożdż, Poland
PKR.VII-16938, 01-07-2017, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A, ED:0/0

JCh. Olaf del Angel de los Volcanos
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
15-07-2018, black & white, Sterilization:no, HD:A, Ectropion:unaffected, Spondylosis:no

ICh. 2x WW Titan Mon Tresor d'Amour
Khyannes, Hungary, Somogy
MET.BA.19/H/10, 20-02-2010, Charbonné, HD:A